November 02, 2020
Sister Thea Bowman

Sister Thea Bowman

The theme for the third and final day of the third annual NCAA Diversity & Inclusion Social Media campaign was "Together We Rise," outlining personal action steps to inclusive excellence and celebrating collaboration across the campus community.

The day highlighted the importance of community and action in driving diversity and inclusion efforts. From the COVID-19 pandemic to increased momentum for racial justice movements, 2020 has shown us that the communities of which we are a part can be our biggest strengths and sources of support. It is meant to showcase the strengths of respective campuses with a particular focus on how diversity and inclusion enrich these communities.

Through a variety of initiatives, Catholic Athletics has worked to improve its community through intentional and strategic action.

Some of the highlights of the department's leadership has included the establishment of the Athletics Diversity and Inclusion Designee, Athletics Diversity and Inclusion Committee, involvement with the University's Sister Thea Bowman Committee as well as working with the Sisters of Mercy.

On Monday, Associate Vice President and Director of Athletics Sean Sullivan announced Emmjolee Mendoza-Waters as the Athletics Diversity and Inclusion Designee. As the University's Associate Director of Campus Ministry and Community Service, she has helped engage the University community with those who are marginalized and oppressed in society while creating and developing the University's service and justice program for the last 17 years.

Along with the appointment of Mendoza-Waters, Athletics is forming a Diversity and Inclusion Committee to lead a department-wide effort to help advance the University's commitment to anti-racism, social justice and equality.

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