March 11, 2020

Dear Members of the University Community,

After careful consideration of the concerns around COVID-19 and focusing on the health, safety, and well-being of our campus community, I want to remind the community of the following guidelines for University-related travel:

If you choose to travel internationally for personal reasons, please monitor the CDC website and use good judgment, because the situation is changing rapidly and you may face restrictions on your travel or upon your return to the United States. If you experience symptoms of COVID-19 upon your return, contact your health care provider or local board of health, and do not come to campus. 

  • We recommend you consider postponing or canceling any international travel to countries at level 2 or higher and minimize travel in general. 
  • Whenever you travel outside the United States, you are to fill out the travel registry and comply with the international travel policy

As we learn more, we might need to restrict University-related travel to specific cities, states, or regions. If you plan to travel domestically for personal reasons, please use common sense and consider the impact of COVID-19 on your destination when deciding whether to travel. If you do travel domestically for personal reasons, you should self-monitor for symptoms of COVID-19 upon your return.

John Garvey