Student walking aaBright orange trees with some fallen leaves between Mullen Library and the Pryzcross campus toward McMahon Hall

The University photographer provides photography for official University events and for University publications.

Photos are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. Please schedule the photographer as far in advance as possible. The photographer is also available to take faculty and staff headshots.


If the University photographer is unavailable for your job, we can recommend a freelance photographer for the work. In most cases, you are responsible for contacting that photographer and paying for his or her services.

The Division of University Communications also maintains a stock photo library. Before scheduling new photography, check the library to see if something suitable for the project already exists.

NOTE: It is the responsibility of the organization requesting photography services to ensure that any person or organization appearing on camera has given permission for their image to be captured. By submitting this form, you are verifying that such permission has been received.

If your request is related to a group and there are individuals who wish to not be photographed, we ask that you make arrangements to have them grouped together so you can direct our photographer to avoid that area.