May 20, 2020
Infographic that reports data on 78% of the May 2019 graduating class for six months after graduation. Results are based on a combination of University and departmental surveys and social media research. 80% of identified graduates had completed an internship and 60% had 2 or more internships. Internship information was gathered on 247 graduates. 90% of identified graduates are employed; attend graduate school; or are committed to an internship, long-term service, or religious life within 6 months of graduation. This data was gathered on 579 graduates. 70% of respondents are earning $50,000 or more. Salary data was gathered on 109 graduates indicating annual or hourly employment.

Deciding which college or university to attend can be a tough decision. You want to know how the school you choose can help you achieve your dreams after graduation. And you want to know what experiences it can offer that will give you an edge in the workplace or further academic pursuits. 

Catholic University can help you reach those dreams. Our location in Washington, D.C., gives you access to internships in any field imaginable. Members of the Class of 2019 gained hands-on experience at NASA, the U.S. House of Representatives, the National Institute of Health, the World Bank, the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History, the DC United, Washingtonian Magazine, and more

With an average class size of 21 students, professors get the chance to build relationships with their students. Faculty assist students with landing internships, jobs, and placement in graduate schools. Ninety percent of students from the Class of 2019 (based on data from 579 graduates) were either employed, attending graduate school, completing an internship, engaging in long-term service, or had entered religious life within six months of graduation. Students are working for employers like Children’s National Medical Center, Yelp, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, The Washington Post, and more. Members of the Class of 2019 went on to graduate study at schools like Harvard University, the Royal College of Music, Georgia Institute of Technology, and the University of Chicago. 

Our Center for Academic and Career Success provides you with the guidance, resources, and support that lead you to your dreams. Whether you need help forming an academic plan or choosing a career pathway, our integrated approach provides individual support that helps you flourish in your studies while helping you prepare for a career that will bring you joy and satisfaction.

The stories below highlight student experiences at Catholic University, and how those experiences are helping them achieve their dreams.

Hands-on-Experience: Internships

Female student sitting in a chair in the business school

Marketing major Redeate “Red” Alemu will spend her summer as an intern at Microsoft. She credits her experiences at CatholicU with helping her land the position. Read about her experience

Other stories about internships:

Life After CatholicU: Employment

Former football player Brook Davenport wanted a chance to continue his athletic career after graduation. He found an opportunity in auto racing, where he also puts his degree in mechanical engineering to work. Watch the video and read the story

Other stories about employment after graduation:

Living the Mission: Long-Term Service

Female graduate sitting on a lawn with children

Johanna Cajina, left, spent a year at a home for at-risk girls in Costa Rica called Niño Con Cariño through FrancisCorps. Read more about graduates who participated in long-term service 

More information about long-term service: