In mid-March, when Catholic University moved all classes online for the remainder of the semester, faculty, staff, and students had to get creative in finding ways to connect and advance learning in new ways.

The University’s annual Research Day and the Department of Drama’s production of Measure for Measure went online. Professors and students found ways to connect with each other outside of classroom hours, attending online prayer or meeting up for virtual lunch dates. Classes shifted their focus to the real-world implications of the COVID-19 pandemic. Faculty found new ways to engage students, and students found new ways to study and to socialize. 

The University community also has continued to give back during the pandemic. A biology professor offered non-exclusive, royalty-free licenses to patents related to his research on viruses and vaccines while an engineering professor designed solutions for the shortage of medical equipment. The nursing school and the Environmental Health and Safety office donated personal protective equipment to area hospitals. The Office of Campus Ministry created digital resources for students, faculty, and staff who both need assistance and are looking for ways they can provide assistance to others. Law students have continued to provide pro bono services to their communities. 

The stories below highlight this creativity, and speak to the innovation of the University’s faculty, staff, and students during a time of uncertainty.