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  • Transportation
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    • Updating State and Local Highway Cost Allocation and Revenue Attribution

      This study investigated the responsibility for the cost of upkeep of the highway infrastructure and the contribution of revenue from highway users on that upkeep. The costs consisted of actual expenditures on the construction, preservation, maintenance, and operation of the infrastructure at both the state and the local levels.

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    • Linking Interstate Pavement Preservation Investment to Performance: An Exploratory Aggregate Analysis

      For purposes that include oversight and accountability, the U.S. Department of Transportation and the General Accountability Office continue to emphasize the need for regular systemwide monitoring of transportation infrastructure performance in response to system expenditures. To address this issue, it is necessary to ascertain the nature of the relationship between the funds expended on a jurisdiction’s infrastructure system preservation and the resulting performance. Duly recognizing past research efforts in this direction, this paper investigates such a relationship specifically for interstate highway pavements. 

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    • The effect of gender on two-passenger vehicle highway crash-injury severity: A mixed logit empirical analysis

      This study investigates the effect of gender on two-passenger vehicle crash-injury severity. Using detailed police-reported data from Washington State for the year 2011 along 150 highway segments, a mixed logit method was applied to unravel the effect of gender on two-passenger vehicle driver crash-injury severity (no injury, injury and fatal) at highway segments, while accounting for other factors including weather, traffic characteristics, and highway geometric.

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    • An empirical analysis of three econometric frameworks for evaluating economic impacts of transportation infrastructure expenditures across countries

      To better understand the impact of transportation infrastructure expenditures on national economies, the present paper undertakes an aggregate study of the relationship between transportation infrastructure expenditure and gross domestic product from economies in 40 countries.

      Published in Transport Policy, Volume 35, pp 304-310. 

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